Friday, February 27, 2009


Acts of Extreme Girliness.

The evidence:
1. a nail painting session which gave birth to an obsession with nail care.
2. a makeover: Smashbox reps at the drugstore did my make-up.
3. unnecessarily complicating my drink order at Tim's.*
4. paying to get my hair cut.
5. Saying shit like: "Oh my god, I'd love to go wedding dress shopping, giggle giggle giggle!"
6. Having the urge to watch "The Notebook."

I'm beginning to hate myself. I'm going to go watch some Rambo and drink too much beer, and eat steak sandwiches. Well, as long as the beer is "light" and the rain stops so my blow-out isn't ruined....(JUST JOKING! sigh)

*"half coffee with half hot chocolate and a little bit extra milk?"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things found # 1

on the interwebs:


your mouth spells it out
I blurt
"i love you too,"
but I spoke too soon
all you said was...
"olive juice."

5:45 in the a dot m dot: the naked snooze button

Dirty faced and nearly naked

Lew: [exiting his crib and running to my bedside] "BOOM....boom boom boom boom boom."

Me: "For the love of everything holy child, it's not morning. Go back to bed."

Lew: "Peee, diaper, peeee"

Me: "huh? OH CHRIST WHERE'S YOUR DIAPER? ack, huh, what are you doing? Get off my head! You're naked!"

Lew: "Nuggle? Me Nuggle?"

Five seconds later.....

[pulling at my arms and pulling the blankets off of me]

Lew: "MAMA! GET UP! Breakfast, breakfast. MAMA CEREAL."

Me: "GAH, just give me five minutes..."

Repeat until 7 a.m.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today's Motto

Everybody needs a tank.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Acts of public nudity.
I answered my door twice this week while seriously under dressed. Which begs me to explain myself to the guests: "I'm sorry I'm nearly naked. I just got out of the shower, don't have any clothes on below the waist, am enjoying my Sunday, like my new underwear, etc, etc." My new brother also saw me completely naked this weekend. My theory: eventually, over my lifetime, everyone in my city will have seen a good portion of me without clothes on. Or at least in my underwear. I don't try to hide it. I am not ashamed. It's natural. And frankly, sometimes, my pants are just too hot.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How to have a double-F birthday

Two of the three sibling characters 

1. On birthday-eve, Challenge yourself to drink every drink people put in front of you
2. nakedly fall into bed just pre-dawn;
3. Hear people rushing the stairs (children? neighbours?) and cringe at how awkward it will be when they reveal your naked body;
4. Get ambushed by one sister and two brothers, who drove all night from Nova Scotia to surprise you, and holy shit, did they ever surprise you. Experience euphoria;
5. Eat cake and sushi all day;
6. Get phone calls from around the world from all the people you love;
7. buy yourself a dress (or two);
8. have a party;
9. do it all on Friday the 13th!

Friday, February 13, 2009



I've decided to die young. 

Friday, February 6, 2009

some random things about current me:

1. I love astrology. Chinese and/or Western: mixed together, all alone. All of the above. I can spend hours reading up on it. Especially when I should be doing anything else. I check my daily horoscope from the paper and Rob Brezney's weekly. I think it's the coolest funnest shit ever. The first thing I rudely ask New People is their birthdate. I'm such an asshole. 

2. I adore eating. I get really excited about eating. I get excited about bread. And chicken. Roast chicken. I love to eat until I'm too full. I'll sprint 200 metres for cake. I like going for a few days eating very little to get a real hunger on. I love steak and potatoes. And eggs. Before a forthcoming delicious meal, I will fast. I like to work my body until I bleed and fall mad-starving face first onto a meal: taste buds 10-hundred times their tasting strength! 

3. This week I can't stop thinking about pink satin. And how I can wear it everyday. 

4. I love shopping for clothes. I have a terrible weakness for bags, coats, and cute underwear. I love reading magazines about fashion. I dream about designing and making my own stuff. 

5. I am tragically addicted to my gross grey tuque. I haven't washed it. Ever. Ick. I want to wear it all the time. With everything. Even high heels and pink satin dresses. Something in my mind tells me it looks elegant. The juxtaposition. But no. It really doesn't. I just look like an ashen penis (and yes, that is the current running joke). 

6. If you dare me, I'll do it. Fear has never stopped me. I don't have any phobias. I used to fear: needles, vomiting, bad breath, sweaty armpits, debt, death, my sewing machine, wearing skirts, going to the gym, make-up, high heels, the post office. 

7. I find special pleasure in sleeping on the couch with all of my clothes on. I do this regularly.

8. I dig love stories and love poems. But I do not understand sentimentality. Disney makes me angry and violent and draw Venn Diagrams with swear words. 

9. I really enjoy dropping the f-bomb in semi-inappropriate settings. 

10. I have faith in Karma, my new deodorant, fortification, my new kettle, my motor cortex, the healing powers of 3 a.m. poutine, and you.

11. I really look forward to knowing my children as adults.

13. And PS: I'm Canadian.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2nd grossest habit ever

1. taking off poopy diapers and playing in your own pooh;
2. jumping so hard in bed that your stomach contents gag you and you barf.

Two nights in a row. Thanks Lew! I love you.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

CURRENT KICKs #9543, #9544, #9545, #9546

Drinking hot chocolate, eating peanut butter, buying art, and going to the gym.