Monday, April 28, 2008


Lupdate = life update

1. Taxes are due in 2.5 days (holy freak show: an organized emily: could it happen?).

2. The new house closes in one week. Excuse me, I'm just going to go throw up a little in my mouth. Our new era: cash poor, house rich.

3. I'm over my new musical obsession: Eskobar. Thanks to them, I've required spiritual intervention and have picked up Buddhism (as of Saturday).

4. I cycled 20 km in a rain storm the other day on my road bike. When I got home, I actually poured rain out of my shoe. It was bliss. And the best part: a delicious steak was waiting for me. I cried tears of happy joy while I ate the shit right out of that red meat nirvana.

5. A miracle is currently under way: Spring!! The tides of the universe have shifted and I (that would be me) spent a good portion of the last weekend sun tanning various parts of my body. It was 27 Canadian degrees. I couldn't not lie in it. Naked.

The view from my belly

6. I almost lost my new cell phone. The reason I have a new cell phone: I lost the old one. Twice.

7. I'm growing hair. Luckily, it's on my head, right where it should be (I've routinely shaved it for over a year). I have no idea what this new hair growth is leading to.

8. Lewis has learned how to take his clothes off. Compulsively.

Everything grows.

Today is Neville's 4th birthday. He is my favorite Neville in the whole world. He is the child I dreamed I would have: long, lean, blue eyed and white haired.

The past four years of Neville have been a real go. He came into the world after an excruciating labour (I seriously thought I was going to die: once he was born I declared "it's a fucking miracle!" to which everyone replied "of course, a baby is born!" to which I clarified "no, the fact that I survived, that is the miracle!"). But he made up for it by being a delightful, easy, lovely little human. This, of course, was all due to my incredible genes and my incredible parenting.

But then, like lightning, like life, he morphed seemingly overnight into toddlerhood. For an entire year and a half (age 2-3.5) he attempted to gas light his parents, leaving us heaving on the floor, disoriented and drooling (on the good days!). To this day, he continues to know exactly what he wants and how he wants it but luckily is significantly less schizophrenic. Usually he is gentle, caring, and silly. Often he is whiny and stubborn. But he is always Neville. And I adore him.