Saturday, June 14, 2008

Surprises for the unsurprisable

Sweet Neville came running into the kitchen minutes ago and and said: "Mommy, I've got a surprise for you!" He had his hands behind his back and the most delightful smile on his fair face. "Tell me, Nev, what is it?" And from behind his back he produces five daisies. "I found them in the grass by the puddle" says he.

Darling, gentle Neville. Thank you.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happiness and Longing

On a happiness note:
I've been ridiculously happy of late. Maybe it's the hot weather; or that things really are just right; maybe it's from the most obscenely chocolately cake I made on Monday that blasted all of the dopamine in my feel-good neurons; or the flash Down-Pour friends and I got caught in the other night while headed to a birthday party; or possibly that my polaroid camera is loaded and ready to go. I know nothing except this: I can't get enough of the song "in it" by Don Brownrigg, a dude from Newfoundland. It's got that Atlantic Canadian spirit. Makes me want to crack jokes, celebrate, cannon ball into the lake with my clothes on, spin in circles under the sky, go home to Nova Scotia, kiss and hug and run and jump and love, all with a silly grin on my face.

On a longing note:
Sometimes a person doesn't even know they miss something until it turns up in their mind for the 5090th time. What's been on my mind? The ocean. I really miss the ocean. I keep seeing and hearing it in movies and I have this odd body memory, those memories of childhood that feel more like limbs than thoughts. There is nothing like salt-water skin, salt-water hair, sand blasted feet, jellyfish stings. I've had some real life moments to the sounds of waves crashing. The next time I find myself at the ocean I will not even pause: I'll just take it full force and throw myself in.

I can't wait.