Saturday, August 30, 2008

Postcards from my vacation

Dear _______,
I'm having a lovely vacation here on the fourth floor of Crainy Hall. Everyday is very comfortable: weather never happens (it is climate controlled and there are no windows), there are no people as this is not a well known vacation destination, and the sensory deprivation room (the back office) is Perfect for long afternoon naps, as long as the chairs don't drift too far apart. Yesterday I ate all of the left over food in the communal fridge (thanks Stu for the 5 day old perogies!) so even my "dining" costs have been kept to a minimum. I've been working on my abilities to pass the day away and accomplish Absolutely Nothing. Thursday was a record setter when I actually decided I was too disinterested to use the bathroom! That was a good day. I will be bringing you some lovely trinkets: a bag of dried rat shit, some bloody syringes, and a pile of used paper towel. You can thank me later!

Well, just wanted to let you know that Yes, I'm still alive but I've been away. On my vacation. I'll be back sometime next week. I hope.

later skater.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Nova Scotia in the summertime

5 things I learned on my NS wedding journey:
1. I can sleep for 3 hours and then drive for 16
2. That I can talk non-stop for 12 hours
3. That my crazy amount of energy/mania is most certainly inherited (from my grandpop to my mother to me)
4. My family can throw a mean party (some said NS was better than Amsterdam)
5. There are three kinds of biting bugs in NS at the end of July: no-see-ems/mosquitoes/deer flies

5 things I did on my NS wedding journey:
1. Made a wedding cake (who knew I could do that)
2. Climbed a waterfall, stared at the starry sky
3. swam naked
4. had a spoon fight
5. slept on the floor, in a Uni dorm, and sometimes, if I was lucky, a bed

5 things I ate on my NS wedding journey:
1. donair pizza!
2. lobster
3. poutine
4. schnitzel
5. HAM (thanks Pop)